Certified Respiratory Therapist

Singing River Health System

Job Description

The Respiratory Care Certified Respiratory Therapist performs all of the respiratory care duties on general nursing units and in the critical care areas to include MICU, NICU, SICU, CSCU, PACU, Nursery and Emergency Department, and participates in the orientation of the respiratory care staff. Primarily, the responsibility is to provide respiratory care services to patients in the critical care areas, and secondarily, to patients on the general floors of Singing River Hospital. In addition, the Certified Respiratory Therapist functions as Supervisor in the event of his/her absence upon the order of the Director of Respiratory Care. The Respiratory Care Certified Respiratory Therapist must be able to evaluate the therapeutic benefits of respiratory care services rendered to patients, discuss with the physician any difficulties patients may be having with therapy, and make recommendations appropriate to a patient population of all ages, as well as be able to teach/counsel personnel and coordinate the use of available equipment.

High school graduate or equivalent. Must be a graduate from an approved Respiratory Care Program.

Must be credentialed by the National Board for Respiratory Care as a Certified Respiratory Therapist or be eligible to become certified. {Must take the first available exam.} Must be licensed by the Mississippi State Board of Health. Active certification in Basic Cardiac Life Support is required.

Should be a graduate of an accredited respiratory care program; preferably with one (1) year of experience, with training in all aspects of respiratory care services, including ventilator management and other critical care procedures.

Physical Demands
Stands, bends, stoops, lifts, climbs, and sits; uses many physical motions in performing day-to-day activities. Auditory acuity to hear patient verbal communication, gather data using auscultory skills. Manual dexterity of hands and feet to ambulate 6-7 hours per 8-hour shift and adroitly manage multiple pieces of equipment/tubes/invasive lines. Must be able to stand for extended periods of time and do a great deal of walking without experiencing undue fatigue. Must have high energy level and be capable of handling high pressure situations. May be exposed to communicable disease or radiation.

Mental Demands
Keen mental faculties/assessment and decision making skills in the management of acute and chronically ill patients. communication/speaking/enunciation skills to receive and give information in person and by telephone. Emotional stability conducive to dealing with a high stress level associated with care of patients/SO, fast paced physical activity, rapidly changing patient conditions, emotional demands of patients and their families, and demands of maintaining effective working relationships with peers, managers, physicians, and other health care workers.

Special Demands
Must be able to demonstrate appropriate clinical judgment and apply appropriate professional skills to a patient population of all ages. Must have a valid driver license as job requires traveling throughout the SRHS service area with the employee providing his/her own transportation.

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