University of Mississippi Medical Center

Job Description

The one-year administrative residency program at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) provides the selected resident the opportunity to experience a broad array of administrative and leadership functions within a complex academic medical center setting. This program moves the resident through a series of rotations that provide day-to-day operational and strategic insights in a fast-paced environment.
This residency is designed to meet the individual resident's professional interests, as well as serve the operational and strategic goals of UMMC. The administrative resident participates and contributes to operational, administrative and strategic issues of the academic medical center. The residency develops the candidate's decision-making and problem-solving skills in relation to complex organizational activities. The resident has the opportunity to lead projects, see various process levels, and participate in high-level meetings and decision-making processes.


Applicants must have completed a master's degree prior to the start of the residency, or be entering a required third year residency necessary to complete a master's degree.
Applicants must be from a health care management program, business administration program or related fields of study.

Employment Type

Full Time