Registered Nurse Weekend - SICU

Singing River Health System

Job Description

The Registered Nurse (Weekend) is a professional nurse who is educated in the art and science of nursing, with the goal of assisting patients attain, maintain, and restore health when possible. Competency is determined by demonstrated possession of the knowledge, attitudes, and skills required for this position. The registered nurse provides patient care utilizing the Nursing Process within the MS Nurse Practice Act, ANA Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice, and the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses and ANA Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice, ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses, the Joint Commission Standards, the CDC Guidelines for Infection Control, and SRHS Departments of Nursing Plan for Provision of Care, Treatment, and Services. As such, this performance evaluation is based on these standards

Graduate from NLN school of nursing.

Current Mississippi State licensure.

All RNs are required to complete and maintain BCLS certification. RNs working in the ICU and/or Emergency Department are required to complete and maintain ACLS certification. RNs working in the nursery are required to complete and maintain Neonatal Resuscitation certification. RNs working with pediatric patients are required to complete and maintain PALS certification. RNs have 12 months, from the date they begin working in the specialty area, to acquire the appropriate certification.

A minimum of six (6) months inpatient clinical experience required. Experience must be within the past five (5) years, or evidence of successful refresher program.

LPNs, Patient Care Assistants, and Unit Technicians

Physical Demands
Stands, turns, bends, stoops, lifts, climbs, and uses many physical motions in performing day-to-day activities. Auditory acuity to hear patient verbal communication and gather data using auscultory skills. Manual dexterity of hands and feet to ambulate 10-11.5 hours per 12-hour shift and adroitly manage multiple pieces of equipment/tubes/invasive lines. Must be able to stand for extended periods of time and do a great deal of walking without experiencing undue fatigue. May be exposed to communicable disease or radiation.

Mental Demands
Keen mental faculties/assessment and decision making skills in the management of acute and chronically ill patients. Communication/speaking/enunciation skills to receive and give information in person and by telephone. Must be capable of handling high pressure situations. Must have emotional stability conducive to dealing with high stress levels for 10-11.5 hours per 12-hour shift associated with care of acute patient/family, rapidly changing patient conditions, emotional demands of patients and families, and demands of maintaining effective working relationships with peers, managers, physicians, and other health care workers.

Special Demands
This position is a full-time position and requires the individual to be scheduled and available to work a minimum of three (3) twelve-hour shifts (36 hours) per week; at least two (2) of which will be worked on the weekend. The night shift weekend (two-shift commitment) will be coordinated with the Patient Care Manager (PCM) or Patient Care Coordinator (PCC); however, it will be at least two (2) consecutive shifts. Therefore, the night shift weekend commitment could consist of a Friday and Saturday night; or, a Saturday and Sunday night. Day shift weekend is defined as Saturday and Sunday. The individual hired into this role as a day-shift employee, agrees to work every Saturday and Sunday. The third twelve-hour shift (for day or night), will be scheduled according to the needs of the department.