Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT)

Singing River Health System

Job Description

The Medical Lab Technician (MLT) evaluates specimens for acceptability for proper testing; and performs accurate and appropriate testing of specimens received in the laboratory, according to established laboratory protocol and procedures. He/She verifies accuracy of results before reporting; reports test results in a timely manner and according to established laboratory protocol and procedures.

The MLT performs needed maintenance and calibration on instruments and equipment as appropriate; troubleshoots instruments, equipment, reagents, and patient specimens when problems occur. He/She complies with established laboratory and hospital policies for universal precautions, safety procedures, and exposure control/plans for bloodborne and airborn pathologens.

The MLT performs phlebotomy (venipunctures, fingersticks, bleeding times) as appropriate for the patient requiring this procedure. The Medical Lab Technician (MLT) must have an in-depth knowledge of laboratory techniques, principles, and instruments. He/She must demonstrate a willingness to work with the realization that error may have serious consequences for patients. The MLT must demonstrate attention to detail for extended periods of time. He/She must demonstrate skill in operating laboratory equipment. The MLT must demonstrate skill in establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships with other employees and departments.

Graduate from an approved School for Medical Laboratory Technicians following a minimum of two (2) years of preparatory college studies leading to an Associate's Degree.

Registered as a Medical Technician by ASCP required. Persons eligible for certification by the ASCP may be hired in the position provided the employee sits for the examination at the next test date. Failure to pass the certification examination will result in a salary decrease. Reinstatement as a registered Medical Technician will be made after evidence of passing the examination.

Training and experience is that required by the ASCP registry for Medical Laboratory Technologists. Preferred: ASCP requirements plus one or more additional years of acceptable experience in a similar or related position.

Physical Demands
Work involves standing, turning, bending, stooping, lifting, climbing, and using other physical motions in performing daily activities. Work may require standing and walking for extended periods of time. Work requires manual dexterity of hands and feet, good visual acuity is required to manage multiple pieces of specialized equipment and to observe patient assessment data. May occasionally be exposed to hazardous work environment, exposure of body fluids, sputum and tissues, hazardous chemicals, and infectious disease.

Mental Demands
Must demonstrate keen mental faculties/assessment and decision making abilities. Must demonstrate communication/speaking/enunciation skills to receive and give information in person and by telephone. Must possess emotional stability conducive to dealing with high stress levels. Must demonstrate ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

Special Demands
Work requires the ability to function independently and as a team; must have the ability to adapt to workload demands. Work requires the realization that an error may have serious consequences for patients.

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