Campus Police Officer

Singing River Health System

Job Description

The Police Officer performs general public safety, law enforcement duties and investigation in the protection of life and property.He/She is responsible for the prevention of crimes, apprehension of criminals and enforcement of all applicable federal, state, and local laws to prevent losses due to criminal acts and incidents. The Police Officer must be confident, even tempered, tolerant, and knowledgeable of law enforcement procedures and techniques. He/she must have a neat appearance, demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills; and exhibit the ability to work quickly and effectively in difficult situations. The position requires respect for the rights, property and privacy of others, displaying a professional image at all times. The Police Officer must be able to interrelate well with all hospital departments (all levels of supervision and management) and employees, patients, visitors, medical staff members, the public and local law enforcement agencies. He/She must demonstrate respect for the rights, property and privacy of others; and display a professional image at all times. The Officer will be required to investigate incidents or unusual occurrences, provide appropriate follow up and documentation, and testifying in a court of law when requested to do so by subpoena.

High school diploma, or equivalent, required. Some college or Associates degree preferred.

Minimum of one (1) year of experience required as a law enforcement officer and meet minimum standards outlined by BLEOST (Board of Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Training).

Ability to meet MS Board of Law Enforcement Standards and Training certification requirements.

Physical Demands
Work includes walking, climbing, running, crawling, standing, kneeling, sitting, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, reaching, and handling. Must have sufficient mobility and physical stamina to respond quickly to emergency situations and work for long periods of time when necessary. Must be able to safely lift, push, and/or pull up to 100 pounds. Must be able to handle unruly individuals using proper techniques. Must be available to work night shifts and long hours in emergency situations or other security matters.

Mental Demands
Must demonstrate the ability to interact with others, make judgmental decisions, and demonstrate initiative. Must demonstrate ability to conform to the standards of the Health System. Must demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively and follow written/oral instructions.

Special Demands
Must have valid Mississippi driver license with an acceptable driving record as job requires traveling throughout the SRHS service

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