Singing River Health System

Job Description

Under the general supervision of the Cytology Supervisor following standard laboratory methods and established SRHS policies and procedures, the Cytotechnologist plans, organizes and performs daily activities of the Cytology Section of the Laboratory: receives body materials/fluids in preservatives and centrifuges specimens to separate sediments and cells from supernatant fluids; places specimens on microscope slides using pipettes, spatulas or swabs; fixes as needed, staining and cover glassing specimens; examines cells to detect evidence of cancer or other diseased conditions; classifies and records slides according to established classification for Pathologists examination; and prepares chemical reagents and stains.

Two (2) years of college courses with 12 semester hours in biology, plus one (1) year of applied training in a School of Cytotechnology approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs.

Current registration by the ASCP or equivalent.

Prior experience as a Cytotechnologist highly desirable; on the job training provided for 3 months to reach acceptable level of performance.

Physical Demands
Stands, turns, bends, stoops, lifts and carries trays of prepared slides; reaches for, handles and manipulates microscopic slide and other pieces of lab equipment; good visual acuity, finger dexterity and eye hand coordination needed to manipulate equipment such as slides and other cytology apparatus. Ability to work well under stress with frequent interruptions and maintain poise in emergencies; subject to exposure of body fluids, sputum and tissues, which may carry the hazard of infectious disease; must be willing to work schedules assigned with the understanding that changes may be instituted according to the needs of the hospital for off days, shifts or weekends.