Clinic Registered Nurse

Singing River Health System

Job Description

The Registered Nurse performs under the direct supervision of the Physician and the Practice Manager/Administrator. The primary responsibility of this position is to promote and maintain excellence in the care of the patient. The RN adds to the quality of care as directed by the physician. The RN is a liaison between the patient, physician, and various other components of patient care. In the role of caregiver, the RN will assist the physician by taking histories and physician orders as well as suture removal, dressing changes, and other responsibilities within the RN scope of practice. The RN will also assist the patient with health education, medication refills, and general questions about their care. As a care manager, the RN will assist the physician in scheduling and evaluating referrals.

Graduate from NLN school of nursing. Current Mississippi State licensure.

BCLS required.

Must have a minimum of three years experience in nursing. Must maintain current continuing education units (CEUs). Must possess current skill level for wound care including staple/suture removal.

Physical Demands
Stands, turns, bends, stoops, lifts, climbs, and uses many physical motions in performing day-to-day activities. Auditory acuity to hear patient verbal communication and gather data using auscultory skills. Manual dexterity of hands and feet to ambulate 6-7 hrs per 8 hr shift and adroitly manage multiple pieces of equipment. Must be able to stand for extended periods of time and do a great deal of walking without experiencing undue fatigue. Must have high energy level and be capable of handling high pressure situations. May be exposed to communicable disease or radiation.

Mental Demands
Keen mental faculties/assessment and decision making skills in the management of acute and chronically ill patients. Communication/speaking/enunciation skills to receive and give information in person and by telephone. Emotional stability conducive to dealing with high stress level for 6-8 hours/8 hour shift associated with care of acute patient/SO, rapidly changing patient conditions, emotional demands of patients and families, and demands of maintaining effective working relationships with peers, managers, physicians, and other health care workers.

Special Demands